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Raspberry Dream Land (RD Land) - a multi-sensory social WebXR events platform facilitating an all-inclusive, safe, and explorative space for radical self-expression, progressive arts and entertainment, social interactions and virtual relationships.

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“From multisensory academic VR study, 25+ IRL & VR events to world's 1st Burning Man in

VR – over the past 2 years at Raspberry Dream Labs we explored how the potential of technologies-of-today can redefine

self-expression, social entertainment and intimate connections.

While the interests in our events kept growing, we faced censorship from existing VR platforms which made us realize that while there is growing interest from users across the globe, there is no such platform that caters to these needs.

We are excited about our mission and the societal impact of what RD Land is going to unlock.”

Angelina Aleksandrovich
Founder, CEO, & Creative Director